Shelter today & hope for the future



Our mission is to provide shelter and hope for the people in
humanitarian need. To help the humanitarian organizations and local
governments to provide housing solutions for temporary usage and
create affordable permanent housing solutions and job opportunities
after the immediate crisis is solved.



  • Cost-effective

  • Short set-up times

  • Improves logistics in construction site 

  • Molding offers good conditions concrete to dry​

  • Heat increases the drying shrinkage of the hardened concrete and prevents cracking

  • Heat reduces strength and durability



Every day, 75 million people wake up in a refugee camp or informal settlement. But the camps that the refugees join are often as dangerous as the disasters they escape.

SOKLEX QS-H units are saving and improving the lives of people fleeing humanitarian crises by reducing the cost and effort of erecting durable and dignified temporary housing.

By using EPS material SOKLEX QS-H is a hygienic, lightweight and durable solution for homing people in need. Having real rigid walls and doors brings security and privacy and improves the quality of life in temporary shelters.


SOKLEX QS-H units are designed to meet the needs of each
kind of person, crisis and location. Shelter units can be treated
with a variety of finishes, for example: hardening finishes
will extend the life expectancy and bring security, UV-light
reflecting finishes will protect people from excessive heat
and extreme conditions. Each unit can be equipped to house
up to 20 people or can be turned into fully furnished temporary
homes by adding solar powered lighting and air conditioning,
as well as dry sanitary facilities.

SOKLEX QS-H utilizes a honeycomb structure and shares walls with
other units, this makes villages of several units cost effective and
quick to assemble. Also the bigger the village is, more stable the
structure becomes.

Combined units share walls in honeycomb design, increasing
efficiency and reducing building time. Combining units into
bigger complexes will strengthen the overall structure as well
as enhance the feel of community in temporary housing.
SOKLEX QS-H units can be combined to respond to the climate
and terrain of each crisis area.



Throughout the history of Gesto we have concentrated on real state development and investment projects in Finland. Since 2016 the company has concentrated on temporary housing solution innovation called QuickSafe House.



The first QS-House pilot was built in the roasting sun of the Middle-East. In Al Ain our team tested QS-House's insulation capabilities in hot climate and EPS material works very well against extreme heat. This pilot complex was a combination of 3 units.



The second QS-House pilot was built in Kannonkoski in Central Finland, This pilot destination consists of 6 units and is our first complex that is open for public. Throughout the year we will be monitoring and testing QS-House's durabilty and how it performs in practice
against all four extreme seasons.





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